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Your car for

Drift is a car sharing service that connects people who own cars with people who want to borrow cars.

Need a Car?

Borrow one without worrying about insurance, maintenance, monthly payments, and all the other hassles.

Own a Car?

Share it on Drift, make money, and know it's protected in case something happens.

Drift for Airports

We are at Denver International Airport
More locations coming soon.

  • Borrow a car

    Drive a variety of affordable cars, most for less than a couple cab rides per day.

  • Park and share

    Park your car for free and share it to earn extra money while you travel.

Drift for Apartments

We are launching several apartment communities soon. Stay tuned for announcements!

  • Molly, Student

    Feels like she owns a car, but with no monthly payment or maintenance costs.

  • Frank, Musician

    Drives the same spacious car every week to haul his gear to brand practice.

  • Terry, Mom

    Books a car on demand to finally tackle those demands.

  • Ryan, Store Owner

    Feels good helping out neighbors in his community.


Eddie S, Owner

Earns as much as $200 a week sharing his car on Drift.

How Drift Works

Protected by Allstate

24/7 Support

Our roadside assistance and support squad has your back anytime, anywhere.

Total Coverage

Drift's insurance policy from Allstate provides up to $1 million in liability coverage so you can share with peace of mind.

It's On Us

When listing your car on Drift, our insurance policy is included at no extra cost or effort on your part.

Why You'll Love Drift

Great people to work with. Always nice and very efficient.
This was my first time using Drift and it was a breeze! Hands down better than the traditional rental car.

Stay in Touch

We’ll keep you posted on Drift news and where we’re launching next.

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